Guest story #1

On the 8th day the lord created Iceland. He was quite contend with having created woman and man on the 7th day but he wanted man to memorize how it all began and see all the extremes of the elements and nature in one place. He gave Iceland the frost-bitten darkness of an everlasting polar night and the brightness of the midnight sun. He gave it the mildness of the rolling meadows and fertile pastures as well as the fields of destruction with life at its earliest beginnings. And he gave Iceland the playgrounds of fire and ice at its extremes. To show man that the coziness of a mild warm bath and the devastation of destruction is just a breath away. As such Iceland was created as a place to inhale the beauty of nature and to memorize fragility of existence.

Prof. A Hufnagel,
visitor to Iceland in July 2012,
only 20 million years after it appeared